Merrick Wolstein is a natural born designer with a passion for creativity that allows one to express themselves authentically. After working in LA as a stylist Merrick decided to cultivate his own brand that would serve as a platform in breaking new ground in the fashion world and blur the lines of all stereotypes. Creating pieces that represent your personality, mood, the times we live in, our ambitions and our desires - MXM aspires to stay curious and continuously share its curiosities with others. The goal is to enhance feelings - the intention is to make you think, feel and express yourself. Merrick’s vision and creative flair coupled with his straightforward and obsessive personality drive the brands goal to be a luxury brand that has no boundaries.


Each MXM piece is a personalized, custom experience that is tailored to the individual. There is no disconnect between the artist and his muse – Merrick’s ability to approach and react to each client individually is part of the journey and uncompromising to his craft.